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Monday, July 26, 2010

QQ 6

After a break of couple of days QQ is back

Here are the questions for today:
1.Name of this car is same as the plural word for a very small unit of measurement.Which recently launched car is being talked about?
2.The word derives its meaning from Greek for "a collection of things which are of big importance or value".Which word?
3.Invented by James Crossley in 1850's, this product is used as a substitute of baking powder in many countries.Name the Product.
4.Simple one. Connect Hawaii, Flite,Sparx and Schoolmate.
5.The company was founded by a partnership between Michael from Poland and Thomas from Yorkshire in 1884.Name this famous garment making company.

Answer for QQ 5
1.Jennifer Aniston.

And winners are
1.Rahul - 5
2.Rohan Saigal - 5
3.Tushar Naphade - 3
4.Prateek Vijayavargia - 1

Friday, July 23, 2010

QQ 5

The weekend is here. Finally. Two days of rest. And therefore some more quizzing

Here are the questions for QQ 5

1.Which celebrity will you associate with perfume Lolavie?

2. The logo which company features its signature green lamp icon which symbolises warmth and reflects a positive and optimistic attitude?

3.The company changed its official name after a shareholder vote at the company's annual general meeting on 22 January 2008.The reason for removing the letter 'h' from the name , cited in the group's 2007 annual report, is that "in certain languages an 'x' followed by an 'h' is difficult to pronounce". Name the company

4. This company was founded in 1952 by late Shri K.V.Pendharkar. They are famous for reusing their ads for almost 20 years. Name the company or brand.

5.Which famous board game was created in 1938, by an architect ,named ,Alfred Mosher Butts ?

Answers for QQ 4
1. Tabasco Sauce.
2. Abhay Deol.
3. Bombay Stock Exchange.
4. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
5. Wrangler

And Here are the scores

1.Topazbol - 3
2.Sanjeev - 3
3.Tushar Naphade - 3
4.Abhishek Das - 2
5.Vijayaraghavan - 1

Thursday, July 22, 2010

QQ- 4

Thank you all for participating. Congratulations to people who got all entries correct. And my sincere apology to those who were not able to view last question on the blog. It was because Blogger was facing some issue. Also, Kindly send your entries to my Gmail id or as comment on my blog. My Yahoo account sometimes gives problem and I might miss your entry.

Lets Start with Today's quiz
1.This product was originally sold in " old and used Cologne bottles". Till date they sell the product in the bottles having design of "Used Cologne bottle" in which the founder sold this product.Which product?

2.Which actor co-owns the Production house Forbidden Films?

3.Whose punchline is " The edge is efficiency" ?

4."Reflections" is the in house magazine of which Indian Public sector Unit?

5. Which apparel brand shares its name with the profession of handling animals, especially ,cattle and horses?

You might be thinking where are the answers for QQ -3.
Here they are
1. Rahul Gandhi. Prateek, it was a sitter for you.
2. Pepe Jeans
3. Volkswagon Vento
4. Ronald Macdonald.
5. Herbalife. The brand endorsed by Saina Nehwal. And No, it was not a green initiative from Adidas.

And the Scores and winners of QQ -3 are:
Sanjeev - 5
Indian - 5
Vijayaraghavan Ramesh - 4
Abhishek Das - 4
Rohan Saigal - 4
Ravi Handa - 4
Pratik Kotha - 3
Jevesh Gupta - 3

Please provide your valuable feedback.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

QQ 3

Thank you all for great and positive response.

Scores for Yesterday are:

Vijayaraghavan Ramesh-1 ...Very funny answers :) .
Abhishek Das -4. Only one to get F.C.Kohli right .
Tushar Naphade -4
Jeevesh Gupta - 1
Rohan Saigal - 2
Sanjeev -4
Arjun -4

Answers for QQ-2
2. Tivo . DVR is also correct.
4.Parle Agro
5.F C Kohli.

Today's questions as QQ-3
1.With which politician would you associate , BPO named BackOps?
2. What was started by Nitin Shah , Arun Shah and Milan Shah at Portobello Road Market in West London?
3. Which car , recently launched in India , derive its name from Italian for "Wind"?
4.Which iconic Brand mascot was created by Willard Scott?
5. Identify the Logo
Please send answers ro or post them as comments. Scores and answers will be posted along with tomorrow's questions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

QQ 2

* QQ stands for Quizzing Quotient.
Thank you all for attempting QQ -1. It serves as a great motivation to look forward.

Scores for Yesterday are:
  • Abhishek Das -4
  • Rahul Gupta -1
  • Sanjeev -2
  • Ganesh Raman - 4
  • Topazbol - 5 ( cracked all as expected).

Answers for QQ-1
2. Sesame Street
5.Ford Motors

Today's questions:
1.Which brands logo is popularly known as Omini?
2. Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay, revelutionized the TV Brodcasting and viewership experience by their product. Which famous product they invented?
3. Simple one. Which Brand of watches is endorsed by Kareena Kapoor?
4. We are a little juicy and a bubbly bunch. We love playing hosts to our billion customers. Which Indian company's corporate website we are talking about?
5. Identify the gentleman:

Please send answers ro or post them as comments.
Scores and answers will be posted along with tomorrow's questions.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quiz No - 1

It is a long time that I have been thinking of starting Quizzes on my blog. Well, finally I am here presenting my quiz. A set of 5 questions. Basically, this quiz is a Brand quiz and will cover the questions from various spheres. So for all the gourmet of good quizzes, please have a taste of my preparation:

1. Easy one. Its name mean "Welcome" , "Unite " , or "Celebration "in local language. Although true inventor of this product is yet not known, Freddie "Saddam" Maake claims to have created it. Name this product, recently lot in news.

2.Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett created one of the most famous Television series for children. Name the series.

3. This product from the Celsius group, rocked whole of our country for a completely different reason, than for the purpose it was created. Name it.

4.Fill in the blanks.________________ was originally used to reflect the fact that an ongoing business had some "prudent value" beyond its assets, such as the reputation the firm enjoyed with its clients.

5.The movie Flash of a Genius is about John Seabrook's legal battle against a company for the patent of the product Windshield Vipers. Name the company in question.

Please mail Answers to Answers will be provided with tomorrow's questions.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Arz kiya hai

Thodi khalish hai thoda dard hai

Bewajh si ek tanha raat hai

aur berukhi si ek guftagu

Neend ki talaash mein ek raat fir

Sapno ko talaashti ye jindagi